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Root Canal

A Root canal allows us to save a tooth when the pulp (nerves and blood supply) of the root becomes infected or dies. A tooth infection can be extremely painful! We are always happy to eliminate a patient's tooth discomfort and get them back smiling.

Does it Hurt?

A root canal is the technique that dentists use to eliminate pain and infection from an infected or dead tooth.

Infected or dead teeth will contain pressure from inflammation or gases that build up in the tooth pressing on nerves which in turn cause pain. We clean and irrigate out all the infection and dead tissue from with the tooth pulp and canals and fill/seal the canals.

A root canal procedure will not hurt if profound anaesthesia is achieved. It can be difficult to get profound anaesthesia on an infected tooth, so therefore we like to prescribe antibiotics to the patient prior to performing a root canal.

We therefore give the patient a pain-free experience and leave them wondering “What’s the big deal about a root canal!”

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