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Family dentist

From little teeth to big teeth, they need the best dental care to ensure long-term oral health. At Pacificview Dental Centre we believe the best way to care for teeth is by introducing early dental care by our specialist family dental team. 

Our dentists are committed to helping little ones to build a positive relationship with their dentist from as early as possible. Giving our littlest patients the right care to ensure excellent lifelong oral health.

Dentistry is all about prevention, here at Pacificview Dental Centre we provide specialist family dental services to ensure your little treasure’s smile develops beautifully.

Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

We’d like to encourage you to bring your baby in for their first Infant Check up as soon as those first teeth appear. One of the biggest oral health problems infants and very young children suffer from, is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. This, as the name suggests, is a result of frequent exposure to their feeding bottles, especially if baby regularly falls asleep with the bottle in his/her mouth.

Our  team can keep a close eye your baby’s tooth development and spot early signs of dental health issues to ensure those little teeth get the best care.

Growing Teeth in Children

As your children grow, their jaws will go through many changes to make space for their adult teeth. Regular check ups with our specialists will ensure their teeth are carefully monitored, providing the opportunity for early intervention when needed.

Adolescents: Most important time for Dental Care

Adolescence is a really important time for your child’s dental care, it is when most spacing issues become apparent. By starting early with regular dental visits, we can help those little teeth grow into big beautiful smiles.

The Pacificview dental offices are always warm and welcoming, no matter what age the patient!